Latest news for 2019

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Recent months the two Kung Fu Masters have focussed on delivering some essential corporate wellbeing sessions. Mental focus, resilience and stress management are key to maintain a mentally and physically able workforce.

Recent testimonials include:

“An absolute pleasure to engage with Stan and Dave at a recent corporate away day. Their knowledge, skill and experience is unquestionable and they have energy in abundance. Great guys, great day!”

Dean Williams, Executive Coach and Co-Founder at the Business Coaching Academy

“Stan and Dave/Masters Black supported us recently at two team leadership events focused on managing stress and anxiety. The sessions were great and the teams enjoyed learning new techniques focused on the power of the mind and discipline, practising forms and movements designed to combat stress. This was a bespoke, fun and physical session supporting the wellbeing of our senior operational leaders – bringing new energy into the room, we highly recommend them!”.

Heather Young, Simone Carter – Senior Operations Directors, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

The third year has been a year of building…

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… energies and paths.

In February 2018, Master Stan Tang opened Tileyard Health and Wellness Centre in Kings Cross, London. He is delivering all aspects of health and wellness within a fantastic collaborative community called Tileyard Studios 

The Centre offers unique fitness classes, spa and beauty treatments, sports massage, physiotherapy and reflexology to the local businesses and residents. Kung Focus Chi Kung classes as well as Wing Chun Dynamics Kung Fu are now exclusive to Tileyard Studios in London!

In April 2018, Master Dave Taylor opened a full time centre in the heart Worcester called Chi Studio – he now offers Human Performance and Focus using unique training methods and Kung Fu Psychology. Dave is now linked with some high profile companies looking to increase the human performance of their elite staff and athletes.

He has also been delivering some mental focus training to prepare teenagers in taking their exams. We all know the stress taking exams can cause and giving people tools to manage is critical! Well done Master Dave!

We now have 2 full time centres and can now provide corporate seminars and retreats in multiple locations.

What next…

We have just started promoting our services with the Pensions Management Institute (PMI)

Founded in 1976, the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) is the UK’s largest and most recognisable professional body for employee benefit and retirement savings professionals, supporting over 6,500 members in 32 countries.

Masters Black is proud to support Action for Kids

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Looking forward to supporting this great cause and event. Amazing set up by Lyn and Caroline! Whoever wins our unique team building day prize will experience a day like never before! #mastersblack#KungFu#ChiKung#focusinmotion

Action For Kids helps and empowers young disabled people and promotes an independent lifestyle by providing employment and training opportunities, as well as mobility equipment not available on the NHS, including bikes and trikes.

We are two… Two Masters turning two years old!

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An amazing second year…

… for Masters Black with some amazing feedback from corporate team building days and private clients.

All of our new clients have come from personal introductions and referrals which is fantastic. Keep them coming!

Current clients now range from investment banks, banking, film makers, corporate finance, property development, manufacturing, hairdressers, insurance brokers and telecomms. This clearly shows there are no boundaries to learning the skills of Kung Fu and Chi Kung.

We were proud to support Beechwood Cancer Charity on a great night in Manchester. They do amazing work helping those who live with cancer.

In February 2017, we had the honour of being inducted in the World United Martial Arts (WUMA) Hall of Fam An incredible night hosted by Master Richard ‘Deadly Dicker’ Hopkins.

Our regular Kung Fu and Stress Management classes in the Midlands are proving popular with reputation spreading. We look forward to continuing and growing these throughout the coming year.

What next…

 We now offer bespoke and practical hands-on workshops focusing on:

一    Management of stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression

二    Leadership and Communication Skills

三    Mindfulness

四    Kung Fu

五    Chi Kung practices

六    Self Awareness and Confidence

七    Conflict Management

八    Moving Meditation

We have an exciting partnership developing with Action for Kids a charity helping disabled children and young people preparing them in their transition to adulthood and to help them prepare for work.

The word is spreading far and wide so watch this space.

Thanks again to all our existing clients as their success is our success!

All for a great cause: This is Kung Fu… but not as you know it! Convex Capital Kung Fu Experience Day 2 February 2017

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On 25 November 2016 we attended a very worthwhile charity event, It was a great day and so pleased to be able to support them.

We offered a Kung Fu Experience Day: This is Kung Fu… but not as you know it! as an auction item and pleased we raised a nice pot of cash for Beechwood Cancer Care. The auction was won by Convex Capital in Manchester

Attached are some photos from the day


Stay Focused!

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September 2016

It has been some time since our last newsletter as there has been a lot of great things happening this summer.

We have now taken up a fortnightly residence at Fort Dunlop in the Midlands teaching regular corporate classes ranging from Kung Fu to Chi Kung to personal safety and awareness. Feedback has been great and we look forward to building our reputation further throughout the year.

Our classes at Fort Dunlop are open to all neighbouring companies too, not just Fort Dunlop residents. Get in touch if you want to join in and experience Kung Fu… but not as you know it!

In August we opened a full time Midlands training centre in Droitwich Spa, a town in northern Worcestershire, England. Bespoke seminars and training on Kung Fu, Chi Kung and Kung Focus will take place throughout the year.

London clients have doubled over the summer with some excellent leads to follow up for corporate events. The word is spreading far and wide so watch this space.

Thanks again to all our existing clients as their success is our success!


Masters Black is one year old… delivering thousand year old practices

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Today marks one year since we officially launched Masters Black at the Cube in Birmingham. Thanks again to all those that joined and supported us.

The first year in any business can be difficult and we have found the support of previous and new clients has made this a great year for us.

We have some big things ahead for us this coming year.  Inquiries have been coming in from the West Coast of the US and Australia to deliver corporate events and human development training.

Mindfulness, focus and emotional resilience are becoming increasingly important in large corporations and we are looking to support existing development programmes as well as create new and exciting ones harnessing the power of Kung Fu and Chi Kung!

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